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Wednesday, 03 March 2010 23:23



Nickel Yellow: Pigment Yellow 53

Opaque, Excellent Lightfastness (I)

Cool, light yellow with a very slight green undertone. Useful in mixtures.


Series 2



Bismuth Yellow: Pigment Yellow 184

Opaque. Excellent Lightfastness (I)

Made with a new inorganic pigment. a A great nontoxic alternative to Cadmium Lemon. High tinting strength. Creates very clean colors.


Series 6



Hansa Yellow:  Pigment Yellow 74

Semi- transparent, Very Good Lightfastness (II)

A bright, warm yellow. Creates clean vibrant mixtures and tints. An all around useful color.


Series 3



Yellow Deep: Pigment Yellow 139


Semi-opaque, Excellent Lightfastness (I)

A bright organic pigment with a bit of an orange cast. Isoindoline yellow. High

tinting power.


Series 3



Cadmium Yellow Deep: Pigment Yellow 35

Opaque, Excellent Lightfastness (I)

A vibrant warm yellow with a subtle hint of orange. Completely opaque.


Series 5



Indian Yellow: Pigment Yellow 83

Transparent, Excellent Lightfastness (I)

Deep tones transparent yellow. Great for glazing. Luminous with high staining power.


Series 3




Iron Oxide Yellow: Pigment Yellow 42

Semi-opaque, Excellent Lightfastness (I)

Cool undertones compared to Yellow Ochre. Synthetic pigment.

Series 1



Yellow Ochre: Pigment Yellow 43

Semi-opaque, Excellent Lightfastness (I)

Warm, slight orange undertones. Natural pigment.


Series 1




Natural Burnt Ochre: Pigment Yellow 43

Opaque, Excellent Lightfastness (I)



Series 1

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