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Written by Administrator   
Wednesday, 03 March 2010 23:23



Cadmium Orange: Pigment Orange 20

Opaque, Excellent Lightfastness (I)

Pure unadulterated orange.

Series 5




Perinone Orange: Pigment Orange 43

Semi-opaque, Excellent Lightfastness (I)

A clean color with high tinting strength. Bright with a slight red tone.

Series 6





Scarlet Orange:Pigment Orange 36

Opaque, Excellent Lightfastness (I)

An orange that is nearly red. High tinting power.

Series 3




Quinacridone Burnt Orange:Pigment Orange 48

Transparent, Excellent Lightfastness (I)

A rich, extraordinary red shade gold. Great for glazing. Makes metallic copper tones

in combination with Luster White.

Series 4



Scarlet Ochre: (mixture): Pigments Red 166 & Yellow 42

Semi-opaque, Excellent Lightfastness (I)

A unique warm color. Resembles a creamy earthy orange.

Series 2

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